I guess I'll just jump right in with something I've been thinking about lately. As mothers in the 21st century, we tend to get so rushed. So caught up with the business of life. This is a hindrance to joy in our homes. I can be cleaning, running errands, talking on the phone, checking email and Facebook, doing laundry, changing the baby's diaper all within 5 minutes and some of those things all at the same time!

The Bible teaches us to be still. We're told in Psalms to be still and know that He is God. Jesus praises Mary, who sat quietly at Jesus's feet and learned of Him. There is a lot of value in being still and resting. God Himself rested on the sixth day as an example to us that we need to rest!

I'm learning to stop and take time to enjoy my kids. Yesterday we went strawberry picking, and rode the tractor to the fields twice because it was a delight to my oldest son. We didn't rush, we just enjoyed. What a joy it was to us! What a reward were all the laughs and smiles! 

Today we played on the floor and laughed at each other. We just drank each other in. It was fun to stop my work for a few minutes and just revel in the amazing creativity of my kids! Tonight I want to take some time to just talk to my husband about nothing in particular. 

It's important to well-being and joy that we rest and take breaks. Don't try to be a super-mom--trust me, you'll just end up with bad health and little joy.

Rest and enjoy today!

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