What It's All About

I've begun this website to help me remember my joyful life with my husband and two boys, and to encourage other moms who are struggling with creating a joyful home life for themselves and their families. 

Who I Am

First of all, I am a totally sold out follower of Jesus Christ. He is my everything, and without Him I would be nothing. I am a stay-at-home mom. I am going to school for my Early Childhood Education degree. I am happily married to the man God made just for me. I love my 2 little boys with more love than my heart can hold. I love to cook and read and listen to music and play music and write music and dance in the rain--most of all I love to laugh.

What Is Important To Me

Raising my kids in a godly way. Loving my husband. Surrounding myself with my beautiful extended family and those few friends who can be relied upon. Encouraging others. Learning more and leaning more on Jesus Christ for every thing.
Be Joyful! :)