Joyful Things I Want To Do Before I Go Meet God And Enjoy Heaven!

  1. Take my kids back to Prince Edward Island and revel in the beauty of those beaches and the silence that envelopes you there.
  2. Write a song about my kids. A silly one with lots of motions they can sing along with and laugh.
  3. Teach my kids how to sing solfege.
  4. Go to Lebanon with my husband to meet his family that live there.
  5. For Christmas, instead of giving gifts, I want the kids to pick a missionary to send gifts to. More blessed to give than to receive--let's try that on for size!
  6. Teach my sons how to cook a meal and set the table.
  7. Make a wreath for my front door that welcomes people into my home with warmth and joy.
  8. Take time to bless each individual member of my family in some way so they will know I love them and care about them. This will totally have to be a separate list because I have a BIG old family!
  9. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter with the kids.